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I've gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me) to sustaining a fully-booked 6-figure coaching business for over 4 years now, while travelling the world.

My clients are nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and healers across the globe. I’ve also helped leadership coaches, real estate coaches, brand strategists (and even a stylist!) build their businesses, too.

From getting on video for the first time, launching their signature programs, signing their very first paying clients to creating $5K, $10K and even $35K months -- nothing makes me happier than to support someone to RISE UP and step into their power as a coach.

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1:1 coaching

While the reality is that in 2021 you’re going to have to become a hell of a lot more visible so that your ideal clients can find you, the truth is you don’t have to change who you are to do so. 

In fact, your introversion is your greatest gift as a coach.
And I’m going to show you how to leverage it.

For experienced coaches ready to scale to 6 figures+ with group programs. Must have earned a minimum of $30K in the last 12 months

fully booked! apply now JUNE


For experienced coaches ready to make $10k months their new normal so they can (finally!) create their first six figure year in 2021.

re-opening in jULY

nlp certification

Join me in person in downtown Toronto July 6-9, 2020 for your NLP Coach Certification. Online pre-study now open.

now enrolling!

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Before I worked with Cara, I really didn’t have a clear idea of where I was headed with my business. I had just graduated from nutrition school and I feel like I really lacked a sense of direction and I also had a lot of self-doubt. I worked with Cara privately twice over the last 2 years before I joined the mastermind. I keep coming back for more with her. She has such a calm confidence.

I definitely feel much more clear and very confident. I’ve honed in on my message and my brand.  


"Within the first 6 weeks of working with Cara, I had my first $10K month!"

Before working with Cara, I was overwhelmed, I had far too many clients, and there was a horrendous work-life balance. Within the first 6 weeks of working with Cara, I had my first $10K month and I've gone on to create consistent 5-figure months. I’ve raised all my prices and decreased the amount of clients I’m working with but the level of service I’m providing is far superior than anything I was able to manifest before.

If I had not invested in working with Cara, I wouldn’t have the success I have today and nor would I have better work-life balance. 

Cynthia Thurlow

"Within the first 2 sessions, I’d already booked 2 clients brinGing in $5K alonE!"

I spent years building a foundation and working with so many clients but couldn’t seem to make ends meet. I had built a great baby business but 4 years in, in my gut I felt there was something I should be doing but had NO IDEA what that was or how to change this pattern. I spent years building a foundation and working with so many clients but couldn’t seem to make ends meet. 

 Within maybe the first 2 sessions, I’d already booked 2 clients brining in 5K alone which before Cara would have taken me 6 months to achieve. 


allie brandwein

"I am so grateful to have had her as a coach and will forever be thankful for supporting me in every way"

Before I started working with Cara I was scared, overwhelmed, I had the fear of being seen, the emotions of unworthiness from my past and trying to fit into the “normal” online coaching rules.

From the beginning, Cara helped me give myself the permission to do what I was passionate about. I went from $0 months to 5 Figure months, my visibility has grown exponentially, my confidence has risen, my mindset has changed and my business has grown. 

jaime pallotolo 

"I feel like she's a coach who cares and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients."

Cara has helped me push through my limiting beliefs about myself and my business which has ultimately helped me regularly fill my group coaching program at or above my goal number! I am consistently producing $15k launches and GROWING.

The most valuable part about working with Cara is that she doesn't try to put me in a box or have me "do it like everyone else". Cara has taken time to understand me and my business and helped me build around those pillars. Her engaged, hands on approach is a game-changer.

lindsey bush

"after just 1 year in business i now have regular 5-Figure months!"

Together we did a deep dive to figure out what I truly loved and how I could actually structure that into a profitable business, and Ignite Your Soul Brand was born. I'm regularly booked with private clients WHO COME TO ME because of the support, guidance and signature success formula process that Cara led me through.

If you're considering working with Cara I say take the plunge. The success that you desire but can't see will become your new reality.

 If you're serious about your dream then Cara is your coach.

jordan duvall