An NLP-based coaching methodology designed for coaches and wellness practitioners ready to upgrade their practice with tools that create rapid shifts & lasting  transformations.

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An NLP coaching certification designed for coaches and wellness practitioners ready to upgrade their practice with the subconscious reprogramming tools that create lasting results.

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Perhaps it's the reason some clients get amazing results, and some… well, not so much. Or why some transformations just don’t seem to stick.

You deeply desire to be able to help your clients get their unconscious mind on board with their conscious goals, because you know the affirmations and journaling you’ve been prescribing alongside their action plan just don’t seem to cut it.

You want to be able to support them to get (+ stay!) out of their own way so that they can implement the plan you’ve co-created together and achieve the standout results they signed up for.

You secretly (maybe not so secretly) also want that for yourself, too ;)

And, you want to be able to confidently share your offers with the world, knowing that you can *actually* facilitate the transformation you’re promising.

Yet despite all your training and experience, you can't help but feel there's still a missing piece!

You're already a great coach.

I get it, I felt the same too!

In 2018 with an already fully booked 6-figure coaching practice (and with two coaching certifications) under my belt, I just couldn't shake the feeling like something was missing. Not only did I want to know why some clients would get results and some would sabotage, but I also wanted to know why I was self-sabotaging too! They say that clients will be your mirrors, and that they were.

I had initially explored neurolinguistic programming back in 2015, but the self-study course I purchased just didn't explain things that felt applicable to my life and business at the time so I wrote NLP off completely.  Fast forward to 2018 and an opportunity to attend an 4-day NLP workshop in person changed the trajectory of my business. It was absolutely the missing piece. Within 2 years I had completed 700+ hours of training and launched my own certification in 2020 as a secondary offering alongside my business coaching practice.

During this 2 year period I used the techniques with myself and with my business coaching clients, and noticed dramatic changes when I used them in a specific order.  In 2020, the Mind Surgery Method® was born and we've since certified over 40 coaches in the methodology.

Here's What You Need:

Only the most effective Practitioner & Master-level NLP techniques that support your clients to get their unconscious mind on board with their conscious goals.

An upgraded signature coaching package that incorporates all 3 phases of transformation, so that your clients get lasting results and not just a quick fix.

An intimate container of coaches on the journey with you so you can have the support to experience your own transformation as you learn and integrate the techniques.

I've done the hard part for you.

I've developed a streamlined 10-step process that can be easily integrated into your existing coaching practice.

- Sumeena Gupta, Business Coach

"As a business coach and mentor I really want to work with my clients so they trust themselves to grow their business. Knowing that most of what holds us back from growth and trusting ourselves is at the unconscious level, I really wanted to understand how to support my clients' true transformation at the identity level.

The Mind Surgery Method® was a simple path to really understand, learn, apply and use very useful tools with my clients. The beauty was the way Cara teaches the methods, it’s applicable to coaching straight away – she’s done all the hard work to make it easy for us to learn and use immediately."

"Everything I've learned I've used with confidence immediately."

This 4-month certification is uniquely designed for coaches & wellness practitioners with an existing business so that you can plug it into your practice straight away.


All modules are housed on a dedicated membership site so you can re-watch any time. You'll also have lifetime access to content.

Lifetime Access to Course Content 

Get support from in between calls in our intimate community.  This is where you can connect with new biz besties on the journey with you!

Private Facebook Community

Attend  live weekly calls with Q&A,  group exercises and practice labs. Additional call times may be added as needed to  accommodate multiple time zones. 

Live Coaching & Practice Labs

how it works

Designed for optimal integration

→ The theory and science behind NLP, how the unconscious mind works and how both you and your clients can reprogram your unconscious mind to achieve your conscious goals.

→ Simple techniques to develop rapport and healthy boundaries with a client that creates a safe space for healing and transformation.

→ Investigating the "shadow side" of a goal, so that you can effectively uncover and release any potential roadblocks.

→ Scope of practice and how to effectively refer out where necessary.

this section includes:

During the first few weeks of the program, you'll learn the theory and foundations of NLP.

We'll also do a deep dive into effective goal setting for yourself & with clients.

The Foundations of Neuro-linguistic Programming

Level 1 (Part 1)

→ Conduct a "Pre-op" appointment in which you'll masterfully identify the limiting beliefs hiding behind yours or your clients' "unhelpful thoughts" and prepare them for surgery.

→ Release limiting beliefs & any associated (and unwarranted) major negative emotions at the root with a trauma-safe version of  Mental and Emotional Release® (Similar to Timeline Therapy)

→ Parts Integration to resolve internal conflict over a decision and/or bring peace to a "Part" of yourself that is scared to change even after releasing limiting beliefs.

→ Learn how to facilitate Release Work Intensives and Level 1 BeliefWork™ Sessions with clients.

this section includes:

Once we'd laid the foundation, we're going to dive straight into the release work. This is where we release anything that could otherwise hinder results in our coaching containers.

The release work includes Master-level NLP techniques to (safely) release major negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicting parts.

Parts & Release Work Techniques

LEvel 1 (Part 2)

→ The hierarchy of ideas, as well as language models like Meta Model and Milton Model hypnotic language patterns that are effective for the conversational coaching component of your work with clients to access. (You'll also learn how to create story-based metaphors for presentations.)

→Practitioner-level NLP techniques such as Anchors, SWISH, Mapping Across and another belief change technique call Submodality Belief Change.

→ Co-create an action plan with a client that allows you to (re)calibrate on behaviour and effectively task your client while helping them stay in the driver's seat of their transformation.


Now that we've released the old baggage, we can start forming that new identity!

While the Release work can occur at lightening speed, Rewiring and (Re)calibration takes time and space here in the 3D and a whole lot of accountability.

Language Patterns & Techniques that Rewire Behavior

Level 2 (Part 1)

→ Receive *actual* feedback on your coaching demos as part of your certification so that you feel ultra confident in using your new NLP techniques with paying clients.

→ Learn how to facilitate Level 2 BeliefWork™ Sessions & create a new signature coaching package (or upgrade the one you currently have), utilizing the 10-step Mind Surgery Method®.

→ If applicable, we'll also fine tune your marketing message to speak to the most empowered version of your ideal client, with the subconscious marketing secrets you've learned along the way. 

→ Confidently share your new (or updated) offer with the world knowing that you have everything you need to support your clients in creating a lasting transformation.


It's one thing to learn the tools and techniques, and it's another to both embody and integrate them into your coaching practice.

Now that you know the concepts & tools, we'll put it all together into a coaching process that works specifically for your ideal client.

Integrating the Tools into Your Practice

Level 2 (Part 2)

let's go!

After completing this program, you will feel ultra confident that you can help yourself and your clients achieve lasting results.

Shauna Smith, Nurse Practitioner & Life Coach for Healthcare Workers

"I don't think you can create true change or transformation without doing this work. It cracks things open, releases the baggage and sets the foundation for moving forward."

Rachel Justicia, Whole Body Health & Nutrition Coach (Specializing in Breast Implant Illness (BII))

"This changed everything. Even how I walked through my current health journey and my relationships. It helped me heal a lot."

If you're diving straight into the "action plan" with a client, there's an important step missing in your process.

Creating new habits to support is so much more effective (and efficient!) once you have the major negative emotions and limiting beliefs out of the way. 

Learn the critical tools that were not provided in your health or life coaching certification.

- Chelsea Gross, CTNC Nutrition & Mindset Coach

"I’ve been coaching women for the last 5 years and have been searching for another way to support them in their deeper struggles and imbalances. The Mind Surgery Method really was the perfect accelerated step for me to take my client’s transformations to the next level. I work in the disordered eating space, and the main things that hold my clients back from reaching their fullest potential is absolutely limiting beliefs and secondary gains. I’m really excited to have techniques like MER and Parts Integration to work through these roadblocks. I’ve already found it so helpful in my practice.

Cara is so incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and motivating. She provides a calm, cool and collected teaching style, and delivers all the information in a really digestible way.  I really like that the program is a mix of recorded videos, downloads, and live calls. There is honestly so much to dive into and learn.

I honestly can’t imagine a coach who wouldn’t find this skill set important and impactful to their business (and beyond). I’m unbelievably grateful to have this education, and feel so empowered by what I know and how I can now more clearly guide, support and facilitate growth in my clients."

"I’m unbelievably grateful to have this education, and feel so empowered by what I know and how I can now more clearly guide, support and facilitate growth in my clients."

I've personally gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me!) to sustaining a 6-figure coaching business for over 7 years now, while overcoming many health obstacles along the way.

My clients are coaches and wellness practitioners across the globe. For the past 6 years I've been helping my clients get on video for the first time, launch their signature coaching programs, create their first $10K+ months and even $35K+ launches. Nothing makes me happier than to support someone to fully step into their next level of leadership as a coach and to transform their own life in the process.

After my NLP Trainer's Training in 2019, I experienced the most profound breakthroughs in my health journey that changed everything I thought I knew about coaching. And in 2020 after my 2nd major surgery, the Mind Surgery Method® was born. I've since had 51 coaches through the program and I can't wait for you to experience it too!

P.S. It's just as much for you as it is for your clients ;)  






IN JUST 4 months you will:

Okay, let's recap.

Feel ultra-confident in your ability to use both Practitioner-level NLP & Mental and Emotional Release® with new or existing clients.

Come away with new (or upgraded) programs and offers that reflect your new approach to transformation, along with elevated messaging to attract highly-motivated clients.

Form friendships for life who you will stay connected and continue learning with inside our Alumni group with all previous cohorts.

Release the limiting beliefs, negative emotions & self-sabotaging patterns that have been keeping YOU from achieving your goals.

Know exactly how to help your clients release their baggage that may otherwise hinder optimal results in your coaching program.

- Tracy S. Clark, Weight Loss & Mindset Coach

"As a health coach working with weight loss clients, I was finding that my clients were doing fine during the program. But shortly after completing the program, they reverted to old habits. They would all say that they knew what to do but they weren't doing it!

The Mind Surgery Method® provided me additional skills to help clients release the things that hold them back more effectively. We get to explore their beliefs and release those beliefs that have been unhelpful.

It has personally shifted my self awareness and I was able to explore my own unhelpful beliefs and solve conflicts. There were also some tools for more effective communication that I found invaluable. I walked away with a lifetime of skills that I can use for myself, family, and clients. In addition, I connected to an awesome community of coaches with amazing skills that I know can be an additional resource.

Cara was supportive and made the process of learning the material practical, which made it easy to learn and apply to my current coaching methods."

"I walked away with a lifetime of skills that I can use for myself, family, and clients."

The whole experience she created and the support and value Cara  gave during the 4 month programme, went way beyond my initial expectations.

The Mind Surgery Method® is such a powerful container to be part of, from the weekly training calls to the extra sessions on marketing and messaging and incorporating the new tools into your business, it has been invaluable.

On a personal level, being part of the programme has provided me with so many breakthroughs and light bulb moments about myself and what my own next level looks like."

- Victoria Watson, Publicist & Coach

"The Mind Surgery Method® is so much more than a certification.

I feel more in tune with what my clients need in terms of support for limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that might be stopping them from achieving their health goals. The course was also very helpful to make me get rid of negative emotions and beliefs I have been carrying for a while that have been affecting my business and personal growth.

The community of entrepreneurs was very inspiring and the materials are extremely useful and practical for a lot of my clients' needs. I have made friends for life during the 4 months of working together!"

- Roselby Rodriguez, Wellness Coach

“This program exceeded my expectations 100%. 

The Mind Surgery Method® is a good foundation if you are serious about building a coaching business or even just understanding yourself as a coach and as an Individual.

Cara’s very organized method of teaching combined with the right balance of demos and practices allowed us to understand the framework and the various tools and techniques and makes it very applicable in our different businesses."

- Charity Marohombsar, Cancer Coach

"This experience has opened my mind and changed me forever.

She has a developed a really carefully considered course with great structure and value. Cara not only teaches NLP in a great digestible way, but ensures you know how to package and integrate it in a way that makes sense to your coaching practice which isn’t usually offered in standard NLP training. I would recommend the Mind Surgery Method® whole heartedly."

- Sally Dibden, High Performance Coach

"Cara brings her unique skillset & real life experience of running a coaching business to this very special learning container.

This certification is the only one of its kind...

I teach modern NLP & tailor it for coaches in the online space.

Old school NLP is taught on the assumption that you'd be working with people in person. (i.e., Zoom coaching did not exist in the 1970s!)

Further, it's usually taught to the general public. I was shocked to discover that I was one of only 7 coaches at the 100-person Practitioner training I attended in 2018. Most people in the room worked in real estate or were only there because their employer had sent them to improve their communication skills.

Many of the techniques taught at traditional NLP trainings just simply do not apply to coaches in the online space. 

I teach you the best of practitioner & master-level NLP in one training with no up-sell at the end.

After learning Master-level techniques and discovering my clients got way better results when I facilitated the release work with Mental and Emotional Release® first -- there was no way I could do my fellow coaches the disservice of making them jump through hoops to gain access to these tools to better-help their clients too.

So I've decided my students get the best of both levels, and in one certification. Call me crazy, but I love efficiency. I've removed anything that doesn't apply to coaches and given you the best of what does in a streamlined 10-step process and I teach it to you in the order you'll actually use with clients.  (And at a fraction of what it would cost you to learn in the traditional model.)

ready to get started?

Level 1 & 2

The NLP Pre-study + all 13 Mind Surgery Method® modules  (Levels 1 & 2)

16 x 90-min group calls for Q&A and technique practice with other students in breakout rooms on Zoom

A private FB group for support between calls, community & collaboration

join now for $3497
(Payment plans starting at $349/mo.)

Level 1 & 2 + Cert

join now for $4497
(payment plans starting at $449/mo.)

^^The 12 month payment plan option expires Friday, June 21st

^^ The 12 month payment plan option expires Friday, June 21st

Orientation for our Summer 2024 cohort starts June 26th!
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Access to our group for ongoing support along with all previous cohorts

A private FB group for support between calls, community & collaboration

A final test + personalized feedback on 5 coaching demos for absolute confidence in your techniques

A printed course manual & custom pendulum sent to you in the mail

A printed course manual and custom pendulum sent to you in the mail

The NLP Pre-study + all 13 Mind Surgery Method® modules (Level 1 & 2)

[Pay in Full Bonus] A 60-min call with Cara to review your new or upgraded packages & messaging to be used at the end of the program ($500 Value)

16 x 90-min group calls for Q&A and technique practice with other students in breakout rooms on Zoom

A private 60-min NLP session with our resident Mentor Coach, Romy.

[Pay in Full Bonus] A 60-min call with Cara to review your new or upgraded packages & messaging to be used at the end of the program  ($500 Value)



Access to our Alumni group for ongoing support along with all previous cohorts


Level 1

The NLP Pre-study + 6 of 13 Mind Surgery Method® modules  (Level 1)

8x 90-min group calls for Q&A and technique practice with other students in breakout rooms on Zoom

A private FB group for support between calls, community & collaboration

Join now for $1997
(Payment plans starting at $399/mo)

^^ The 6 month payment plan option expires Friday, June 21st

A PDF copy of the course manual.


For a limited time, you'll also receive:

Did someone say bonuses?

Register on either track and any payment option and receive immediate access to Signature Coaching Packages That Sell & Get Results (aka "SCP"); my signature course to create, launch & sell your signature packages! My step-by-step sales page template included.

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The Signature Coaching Packages Self Study Course (Reg $497)

LIMITED TIME bonus #1 

In this 3-hr workshop, you'll learn how to effectively use free masterclass for live launches, community-building, list-building, collaborations and long-term business growth. It also includes some of my best-converting free masterclass replays, along with the corresponding landing pages, promo emails and welcome sequences. I break it all down for you step-by-step!

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The Masterclass Mastery Workshop Replay (Reg $197)



Certification track students will receive a 60-min 1:1 NLP session with our resident Mentor Coach, Romy. 

Romy is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, life coach, mindfulness teacher and the resident Mentor Coach at the Mind Surgery Method®.

She helps entrepreneurial leaders calibrate their beliefs to their goals on a subconscious level using NLP and Mental and Emotional Release. Her focus is on helping her clients with confidence, visibility, and self-esteem as it relates to life and business.

You can use your session with Romy any time during the program to help you integrate the tools into your practice or to work through your own mindset challenges.

Martha Bodyfelt, Dating Coach

I loved working with my clients but always felt like there was a "missing puzzle piece" to truly empower so they could feel confident while dating after 40. The Mind Surgery Method filled that missing piece in my coaching practice. 

Cara's curated methodology helped me understand and unlock the underlying psychology (the subconscious beliefs) that were holding my clients back despite all the work they were already doing. And thanks to this incredible program, I now have the tools that will truly take my clients from "I think I can do to this" to "I KNOW I can do this because now I KNOW what I was being held back in the first place." That component alone is the center of gravity that no other certification program could provide as effectively as the Mind Surgery Method. 

"If you're a coach passionate about helping your clients become their best selves, then the Mind Surgery Method® is critical to your practice. "

I've personally invested over $150K and 7 years of trial and error to know what I know now about coaching. I've put it all together in a 10-step process that I wish I had at the beginning, or even a few years ago. 

No fluff. Just the most effective tools for creating lasting transformation... not just for your clients, but  for you too. Your next level will require a next level version of you.

If you're ready for that... 

Learn the missing tools for becoming your own best client so you can confidently hold space (even more) powerfully for your own clients.

You're in the right place.

Dr. Dawn Allen, APRN
Life Coach for Type A, High-Achieving Wellness Professionals

"Even after 20 years as a Nurse Practitioner, I knew there was something missing. This completely changed my entire outlook on life!"

Stoney Eskew, Weight Loss & Money Transformation Coach for Entrepreneurs

"I really feel like this is the missing piece for our clients to really get that lasting change. It just takes everything to the next level."

I'm super busy! Will I have time to do this?

I've very intentionally paced the content over 4 months for optimal integration and to make it doable for those with busy lives and businesses. Many of our students have had full-time jobs or fully-booked coaching practices to manage while completing the certification.  As long as you can dedicate 3-4 hours a week for 4 months, you should find it quite manageable.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already certified as a health/life coach. Do I really need another certification?

Whether you're previously certified or not, this is for those who want to learn the language of the unconscious mind to get the best possible results in their work with clients, in their own lives and in their business too. The reason I've structured the Mind Surgery Method® as a certification is so that you complete the requirements that will result in you feeling ultra confident in your ability to use the techniques in your practice. In fact, we have a 90% completion rate because of this. (Which is extremely high for courses in the online coaching space.) However, there is a non-cert option if you prefer.  You're also welcome to book a call to discuss the best option for you at this time.

I'm a new to the online coaching world, is this right for me?

While this is not a "learn how to become a coach" program (it's a "learn how to become an even better coach" program!) we have had several early stage coaches complete this program with great success. In fact, it has helped many find the confidence to launch their coaching business online for the first time! We've had coaches with experience levels ranging from 3 months to 20 years, as well as a few therapists and nurse practitioners transitioning from a clinical practice into an online coaching model.

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Registration now open for our Summer 2024 cohort!

Are you ready to go from "great coach" to a master of mind surgery?

— Ma'an Romana, Holistic Nutritionist

"I am now walking away with complete confidence that I am capable of guiding and supporting my clients into the healing and transformation they desire."