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The Quarterly Mastermind with Cara Rice

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You've got the coaching certification. 
Now it's time to go from hobby coach to money-making CEO.

After 7 consecutive six-figure years, I've learned what it takes to create a sustainable coaching practice. I've also personally invested over $150K and 7+ years of trial and error to know what I know now. (You're welcome.)

But this mastermind is not about implementing a bunch of new strategies or doing it MY way.

Our focus will be on the foundations that will benefit you for years to come, as well as figuring out a repeatable system that works best for YOU.

real results

"My business is finally a business, thanks to Cara, her belief in me, and her coaching me to believe in myself.

Cara has helped me create a plan that works for my needs as both business owner and mom. I now have an organized daily, monthly and quarterly strategy for growth. Her background in copywriting and messaging has helped me up-level my programs and marketing so I am reaching the women I adore working with. 

If you want a coach who will be laser focused on what needs to change and help you remove your blocks -- all while sincerely caring about you and letting it be fun, Cara is your coach. " 

- Jenn Krusinski


"I got more done in a matter of weeks than I had in the previous 9 months.

Cara is so supportive and motivating. She has plenty of business knowledge and strategies to go around but she really challenges the way you think which is what I needed. I have had so many friends and biz buddies comment on my new energy and my business actually feels exciting again.

If you are on the fence, or maybe you’ve taken all the programs like me, this one will be different. It’s small, intimate, and Cara gives you personal support as she knows exactly what is going on with you and your business."

- Christa Cheverie


"I am consistently creating $15K launches and growing.

Cara has helped me work through my limiting beliefs about myself and my business, which has ultimately helped me regularly fill my group coaching program at or above my goal number! 

The most valuable part about working with Cara is that she doesn't try to put me in a box or have me do it like everyone else. After working with Cara I now feel like "it's all happening" vs. "what if this doesn't work".

I also have confidence about the future of my business. If you are going at it alone, DON'T."

- Lindsay Bush




Finally get out of your own way so you can take the money-making actions you've been avoiding.


Elevate your message to attract only the most highly-motivated & committed clients.


Master your timeless sales strategy. No trendy tactics that are rooted in FOMO or scarcity.


Expand your energetic capacity to receive clients. No more taking on their stuff, either!

this mastermind is for you.

our focus


 You'll create a sales strategy for yourself that feels aligned so you can confidently go from "hobby coach" to a money-making CEO.


We'll upgrade your current messaging and offers to speak to the most highly-motivated version of your ideal client.


Position yourself as a leader within your community – if you plan to build a six figure business it's time to take the lead.

Let's be honest...

you could do it on your own, but will you?

I've gone from selling $47 detoxes to anyone who would work with me, to building a six figure business my first year (full-time) in business in 2016 after joining a high-level mastermind. It didn't come without sweat and tears, though. The journey from "hobby coach" to money-making CEO takes courage and determination -- but it was a heck of a lot easier to stay in the game with a mentor who's been where I was and a mastermind of coaches on the journey with me.  I know for an absolute fact I wouldn't have the business I have today without the mentors and mastermind communities I've been a part of along the way.

Cara is an incredible coach. She has the intuition of a tiger and will call you out on your bull$hit. 

- mariya Khymych, life coach & NLP PRACTITIONER

Step-by-step I have more fun in my business. I care less what others think which allows me to be more honest, straight-forward, authentic, transparent with sharing my struggles.

It's  time!

ania signed 230 students into her first course!

"My business has gone from an expensive hobby to a real money-making coaching business since I started working with Cara

Not only has Cara supported me in growing my online business, she's also taught me valuable skills like connecting authentically with potential clients, tracking my business metrics & showing up consistently. 

kim created her first $8.5K month during the mastermind!


"I launched my first autohypnosis program which sales was almost 4 times higher than expected!

With Cara's expertise, I've mastered the "lean back" energy that resulted in receiving higher levels of consistent income and having it feel easier than ever!

You'll definitely want to say "HELL YES" when considering working with Cara so you can up-level your mindset for becoming the 6-figure superstar you dream of."

Let's go!


"In just the first six weeks of the mastermind I signed 3 clients into my 6-month package (earning $15K). 

I was drawn to Cara because of her NLP background and her ability to see my business as unique and work with my style instead of offering a one size fits all solution.

I love starting my weeks off inspired by the group and having clear action steps for the week. Cara holds space for all of us in the mastermind to explore the next best steps for our unique business. It has been a powerful experience. 

misty elevated her message & reached her goal of A $30K QUARTER!

"I went from invoicing per session to having clients regularly pay in full for my 90-day package. 

With Cara’s support, accountability and guidance every step of the way I successfully launched my first group program with 5 clients. Cara really helped me up-level my coaching practice and step into my confidence. 

Investing in the Mastermind has been one of my best business decisions!

Lesley more than doubled her 1:1 clients & launched her first group program!

"I've filled 2 group programs, raised my rates (twice) and set more healthy boundaries with clients. 


Personalized Coaching

This is not another "group program" with mostly teaching and barely any 1:1 support. You will receive coaching on what YOU need, and on the regular.



I've long retired from babysitting, but we have plenty of accountability structures in place to ensure you follow through on what you say you're going to do ;)


My Signature Courses

While there are no "modules" or a set curriculum for this program (it's a coaching container and not a course), throughout the container we will be talking about sales, client management, offers, messaging and launching as it comes up on our calls. You'll also receive access to my Signature Coaching Packages & Masterclass Mastery course that provide all the nuts and bolts trainings for growing your coaching business to six figures.

What you will


What you will


+ finish 2023 strong with your best quarter yet

+ absolute confidence in your message & offers


+ set the foundations for 6 figures in 2024 

ready for this?

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Our Q4 cohort starts Tues, Oct 3rd.
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How many hours a week should I expect to dedicate to the program?

While it's expected that you make time to join the coaching calls (Tuesdays at 12pm EST) and actively participate in the FB group, I am not giving you "extra" work to do. This is not a course. If anything, getting the coaching you need to stay in the game is going to save you a whole lot of time and energy! There are no modules or workbooks to complete. This is about staying in the game and compressing timelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I'm not a formally-trained Mindset Coach?

I've designed this high level container with the NLP-trained mindset coach in mind, so that we can have "next level" conversations through the lens of already having a solid understanding of how the unconscious mind works and how it affects our thoughts, beliefs and actions. However, if you've been through a formal life coach training program that has had a big focus on working with the unconscious mind or you have been trained in similar modalities to NLP (such as hypnosis or RTT) and feel you'd be a great fit, please go ahead and apply!

If you're not yet trained in NLP and want to be, be sure to check out my 4-mo. NLP Coach certification the Mind Surgery Method®.

How many hours a week should I expect to dedicate to the program?