Hey there, I'm Cara!

Founder of the Mind Surgery Method® & Business Mentor to Mindset Coaches

I've gone from selling $47 detoxes as a struggling nutritionist to having mentored 100s of coaches and wellness practitioners since going all in on my business in 2016. More recently I've certified over 50 coaches inside the Mind Surgery Method® alongside coaching practice over the last 3 years.

My clients are coaches and wellness practitioners across the globe. From upgrading their coaching toolbox with NLP, launching their signature coaching packages, signing their very first paying clients to their first $10K+ months and even $30K+ launches -- nothing makes me happier than to support a coach on a mission to get out of their own way and into the shoes of the leader they're meant to be.

upgrade your coaching toolbox


The Mind Surgery Method® is an NLP-based coaching certification designed for coaches and wellness practitioners ready to upgrade their practice with tools that create rapid shifts & lasting transformations.


have your best quarter yet

The Six Figure Mindset Coach Mastermind is for NLP-trained coaches who are confident in their coaching skills, have their business up and running and are ready to go from hobby coach to money-making CEO.

KIMI launched & filled 5 rounds of her mastermind 

“Having someone believe in you, that you can do more, means so much!

I love how comfortable I am with Cara talking about money goals and how to actually produce them through the programs that she so lovingly and intuitive helps me with. She knew how to press the right buttons so instead of just filling up 12 spots for my certification, I had 5 more! 

With Cara’s guidance, I created and filled a premium 1:1 coaching offer charging 6 times my previous rates. I also finally launched my mastermind program as an ascension offer to my certification and have since rolled out a total of 5 cohorts. Each session with Cara is golden. I always look forward to meeting her because I know that I’ll be able to receive nuggets of brilliance that I can immediately integrate in my practice!

- Kimi Lu

“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer


need something more customized?


Whether you are looking to get your coaching practice off the ground for the first time or scaling to multiple six figures with group offer or course, working together 1:1 allows the experience to be completely customized and unique to you. 

Private mentorship is available in 3 or 6 month packages, with the option to start with a single session if you'd just like to borrow my brain for one thing first. 

Ways to Work Together 1:1

Single Session

A single session can be used to work through your message, map out your offer suite, create a launch plan or simply to get my eyeballs on a specific piece of your business.

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Private Mentorship

Whether you're getting your coaching practice off the ground for the first time or scaling to multiple six-figures with a group offer or course, 1:1 coaching is customized to your unique needs.

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Course Consulting

Details coming soon.

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signature coaching packages

self study course

My signature self study course was designed with the newer coach in mind.
In just 5 weeks you'll clarify your message and confidently create, launch (& sell!) your signature coaching package so you can sign your first 5 clients and get your coaching business off the ground.

That Sell & Get Results


real results

lesley more than doubled her 1:1 clients & launched her first group program!

"I went from invoicing per session to having clients regularly pay in full for my 90-day package.

With Cara’s support, accountability and guidance every step of the way I raised my rates by 67%, more than doubled my 1:1 clients and successfully launched my first group program with 5 clients. Cara really helped me up-level my coaching practice and step into my confidence as the CEO of my business. Investing in the Mastermind has been one of my best business decisions!"

- Lesley 

tracy upgraded her coaching practice with NLp 

“I walked away with a lifetime of skills that I can use for myself, family and clients.

The Mind Surgery Method® provided me additional skills to help my clients release the things that hold them back more effectively. It also helped me personally shift my self awareness and I was able to explore my own unhelpful beliefs and solve conflicts.
Cara was so supportive and made the process of learning the material practical, which made it easy to learn and integrate into my existing coaching methods."

- Tracy

ANIA 4XD her launch goal & enrolled 230 students IN HER FIRST COURSE!

“I launched my first autohypnosis program with sales nearly 4 times higher than expected!

I introduced boundaries when working with the clients which I avoided for years, I changed my limiting beliefs around helping others and when I help the most effectively.
I’m much more open to receive love and gratitude from my rockstar clients and I get the messages from them on a daily basis. I can now underpromise in my offers and overdeliver during my work, feeling amazing, in the flow, expanded in my energy."

Step-by-step I have more fun in my business. I care less what others think which allows me to be more honest, straight-forward, authentic, transparent with sharing my struggles.I went the whole path from being a micromanager into a leader I always wanted to be!

- Ania


mind surgery method® graduate

mastermind client 


Subconscious Marketing Secrets

In this free 2-part masterclass you'll learn my top 5 NLP concepts use in your marketing that speak to the unconscious mind of the most empowered version of your ideal client & how to naturally lead transformational sales conversations that create highly-committed clients.