the best business strategy is believing in yourself

it's time to take your impact & income  to the next leveL as a coach, and transform your own life in the process.

I’ve personally gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me) and being terrified to even put my own face on my website, to being fully booked with private clients, running high level group programs and hosting mastermind retreats and VIP days in sunny places around the world.

Not only have sustained a 6-figure business now for over 5 years -- I know what it takes to keep your head in the game while overcoming many (many!) obstacles along the way. 

Through every evolution of my journey as a coach, I’ve experienced a massive amount of personal healing.  

But the best part is that I get to be a part of my clients’ journeys and witness their transformations too.

I've personally invested over $100K and 6+ years of trial and error to know what I know now about coaching. And I've put  it all together the 10-step process that I wish I had a in the beginning. No fluff. Just the most effective tools for creating lasting transformation... for you and your clients.

Clear generations of negative emotions and limiting beliefs at the root in 2 minutes flat. (No need for years of traditional therapy!)

Get rid of unwanted behaviours that keep sabotaging your results and replace them with more empowering ones that are congruent with next level you to help you reach your goals.

Go from procrastination to motivation in a flash and learn how to anchor any desired energetic state so that you can have access to it anytime you need it.

Install a goal into your future (yep -- kinda like riding in a time machine) and take your manifestation game to the next level!

And so much more! (Including how to package and sell your new offers and/or work the tools into your existing programs.)

The  MIND SURGERY METHOD™ is an identity-based approach to coaching using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Mental Emotional Release® -- for YOU and your clients.


Whether you're a new or veteran coach, chances are you've had the frustrating experience of having only some clients get epic results, some make progress only to sabotage it weeks later and others returning week after week not doing the work they agreed to.

And if you're completely honest with yourself, they're mirroring you in some area of your own life!

Deep down you know that it's about getting out of your own way but you're not exactly sure how.

Creating new habits to support your goals is so much more effective (and efficient!) once you have the major negative emotions and limiting beliefs out of the way. 

Because here's the reality – if you're trying to create results while fighting against all of that crap, it's going to feel like a struggle. The reason you don't have what you want right now is because CURRENT YOU  likely has baggage in the way and a very protective unconscious mind that sees your growth as “scary” or “un-safe” in some way.

Once you can get your belief systems and emotions in alignment with The Version of You Who (that's the next level you who has already achieved the thing!) and you begin to take action from THAT place, things just start to flow. 

Because that's just who you are now, at an identity level. 

master the art of identity-based coaching


Training modules will be housed on the membership site and dripped at a pace of 3 modules per month, although you can work through at your own pace. Upon registration you'll get immediate access to your NLP Practitioner pre-study with 6+ hrs of video content, as well as your bonus Intro to Hypnosis for Coaches mini-course.

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group coaching

Receive access to weekly training calls  with interactive live training, group exercises and demos. Once a month is an "open coaching" call where you'll receive 1:1 laser coaching on your own mindset, troubleshoot your techniques or ask sales and marketing Qs related to your new offers. Replays will be available for any calls you cannot attend live.


Join the private Facebook group to connect with other students, to get support from Cara between coaching calls and to find partners to practice your new NLP techniques with. Unlike many courses where you're plopped into a group of hundreds -- this is more like a mastermind of biz besties on the journey with you.

onLINE training

Over 4 months, not only will you learn the 10-step MIND SURGERY METHOD™ for creating lasting transformation with your coaching clients, but you'll also apply it to your own life as we go! You'll have the option to be certified as an NLP Practitioner through Cara Rice International and receive a certificate of completion in Mental Emotional Release®  at the Practitioner level.

Success Stories

Whether you are coaching on health, life or biz -- at it's core, all coaching is mindset coaching. And while conversational coaching is powerful, it can take a long time to get your clients over to the other side of their blocks. I remember very early on wishing I had some magic tricks to go in there and help them get results faster.

Enter NLP neurolinguistic programming (NLP). While NLP isn't technically magic (even though it feels like it!), all learning and behaviour change happens at the unconscious level. And NLP helps us get the conscious mind out of the way, so we can help the client create change at the root.

Just some of the major techniques you’ll learn in the MIND SURGERY METHOD™:

✔️SWISH Pattern – for replacing sabotaging behaviours with new ones that support your goals
✔️Mapping Across – for disliking a specific food or beverage that you no longer want to like (health coaches rejoice!)
✔️Submodality Belief Change – for releasing a limiting belief and “installing" a new one
✔️Chaining Anchors – for going from procrastination to motivation
✔️The Ring of Power – for installing your core desired states that you can access at any time
✔️Parts Integration – for major life decisions, internal conflicts & resolving “secondary gains”
✔️MER for Negative Emotions – for releasing childhood/generational emotional baggage 
✔️MER for Limiting Beliefs – releasing limiting beliefs at the root (likely not even your own!)
✔️Installing a Goal Into Your Future – yep, hop into your new time machine and take your manifestation game next level 💫
✔️The Anxiety Process – conquer anxiety and fear any time any place in 2 min flat
✔️Elman Hypnosis Induction – to affirm and wire in your new beliefs and positive affirmations
✔️Dowsing & Healing with a Pendulum – for communicating directly with your unconscious mind and strengthening your intuition

Plus so much more, including language patterns like Meta Model coaching questions and Milton Model hypnotic language patters that you can incorporate into the conversational component of your mindset coaching.

- Mindy Touzani, Business Coach 

While working with Cara, I've filled 2 group programs, raised my rates (twice), and set more healthy boundaries with clients. I've been able to guide my clients with the same NLP tools, let me tell you -- it's been a total game changer for them too (getting paying clients quicker, more creative clarity, and releasing fear)! 

"Experiencing NLP with Cara has given me next level clarity personally and professionally."

- Nicki Hoffman, Transformational Nutrition Coach

Having tangible tools and techniques to use with my clients has been a game changer! MER creates incredible shifts in their perspective and life. The awarenesses that come up in sessions is mind boggling. The Mind Surgery Method™ NLP Practitioner certification is a must for any coach wanting to create lasting change.

"I Cleared A limiting belief that it took a lot of time and hard work to make great money and now i've TRIPLED MY INCOME IN HALF THE TIME."

- Brogan Metcalf, Health & Fitness Coach

The Mind Surgery Method™ NLP certification is GOLD. Cara does not disappoint and when it comes to details, no corners go unturned. This has seriously upped my game in conversations with clients. I am able to tune in and really have an understanding of what they need and am much more confident with handling my coaching sessions. NLP is a game changer, and you will be glad you had Cara to lead you through the ins and outs. 

"this has absolutely increased MY value and what I offer to my clients."

JUST SOME OF THE results that MIND SURGERY METHOD™ students have achieved with their OWN clientS:

Kim's client went from zero clients to 2 new clients in less than a month. Another had a shift in mindset that resulted in $2K+ ADDITIONAL revenue each month.

Mindy's client easily dropped 4 dress sizes (without changing her diet or exercising) from releasing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs. She also received almost $14K from multiple streams of income -- some from new coaching clients and some from random checks.

Nicki's client had so many realizations on how she was showing up in relationships and business. She was able to disconnect from those stories and show up more powerfully in the both areas of her life. She said her session felt more powerful than a Bob Proctor weekend excursion! 

LEt's chaT!

are you ready for your next level of impact & income as a coacH?

$2997 USD


What's Included:
- 4 month curriculum covering NLP & Mental Emotional Release®
- 3 monthly live calls including group exercises and laser coaching 
- Mastermind group to find your practice partners and receive support from Cara between calls, including help with creating your coaching package(s) and/or integrating your new tools into your existing offers
- Personalized feedback on your demos that you'll upload to a private folder
- A final test facilitated on Zoom
- A printed master manual mailed to you, along with a special gift
- 3 certificates mailed to you upon successful completion of certification requirements
Bonus: Intro to Hypnosis for Coaches  mini course
Plus, pay in full & receive a bonus 60-minute private coaching session with Cara! (Value $500)*


Book a free 15-minute call to see if the MIND SURGERY METHOD™ is the next right step for you and your business.

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What's Included:
- 4 month curriculum covering NLP & Mental Emotional Release®
- 3 monthly live calls including group exercises and laser coaching
- Mastermind group to find your practice partners and receive support from Cara between calls, including  help  with creating your coaching package(s) and/or integrating your new tools into your existing offers
- Personalized feedback on your demos that you'll upload to a private folder
- A final test facilitated on Zoom
- A printed master manual mailed to you, along with a special gift
- 3 certificates mailed to you upon successful completion of certification requirements

Bonus: Intro to Hypnosis for Coaches mini course

let's do this!

this is perfect companion course for more of the nuts and bolts to launching AND/or growing a coaching business online to $5K+ MONTHS.

6 video training modules to walk you through the exact process I've used with over 100+ clients to help them master their message and to create, launch & sell their signature 1:1 coaching programs online.

My streamlined sales & client onboarding process including sample client agreements, onboarding email templates, welcome packets, pre/post session forms and more!

Step-by-step how to create a lead magnet (must have!) and how use it to grow your email list, including tech tutorials.

Advanced trainings on email marketing, webinars, challenges and growing your audience with Instagram, Facebook Ads, podcast interviews and so much more.



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the mind surgery method™ is for 

- Courtney Boyer, Therapist & Relationship Coach 

I cannot even begin to tell you how invaluable of a tool MER has been for my clients. It has accomplished healing and opened emotional doors that my clients have struggled with for years in just one session. I'm so thankful I was able to utilize the skills Cara taught me and apply them to my relationship coaching practice. It has been a total game changer for my business. I even experienced my first $10K month after clearing limiting beliefs!

"It has been a total game changer for my business & i even experienced my first $10K Month."

- Mariya Khymych, Life Coach

I had always known that there were internal barriers stopping me from doing more but through our work together I was able to knock out those limiting beliefs. As a new newer coach, I’ve discovered through my own practice how powerful this work really is. Now with the MIND SURGERY METHOD™ certification I feel confident in launching my coaching business knowing I have the tools to create incredible transformations with my own clients.

"Cara is an incredible coach. She has the intuition of a tiger and calls you out on your bull$hit."

Rosanna Gentile, Mindset Coach

Working with Cara has been a game changer both personally and professionally. I have never felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin, and I'm thrilled to use the MIND SURGERY METHOD™ in my own coaching practice. This program is a MUST for anyone with a calling to help others level-up!"


I've gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me) to sustaining a fully-booked 6-figure coaching business for over 5 years now, while travelling the world.

My clients are nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and healers across the globe. I’ve also helped leadership coaches, real estate coaches, brand strategists (and even a few stylists!) build their businesses, too.

From getting on video for the first time, launching their signature programs, signing their very first paying clients to creating $5K, $10K and even $35K+ months -- nothing makes me happier than to support someone to RISE UP and fully step into their next level of INCOME & IMPACT as a coach. (And transform their own life in the process.)

Hey there!

i'm cara

A business coach & certified trainer of NLP and mental emotional release®