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business mastermind for coaches & mentors

Don't worry! I got you. I've created a gimmick-free framework to help you get off the struggle bus and into the shoes of the leader you know you're meant to be.

You're tired of watching people on social media with less experience & credibility than you living your dream life: WTAF!

You're beating yourself up for not being able to figure this thing out on your own -- especially after everything you've invested into courses and trainings already.

You keep finding yourself up until 4am on the Interwebs looking at freebies and webinars just praying to find the one thing you must be missing. 

You are over "experts" claiming you can make 6 figures overnight with their tactic of the day. (Umm, hello... you're not an idiot!)

if you're anything like i was a few years ago:

I've personally invested over $100K and 6+ years of trial and error to know what I know now. I've put together the roadmap that I wish I had a in the beginning. No fluff. Just the timeless money-making foundations you need for sustainable success.

go from spinning your wheels to knowing exactly which tasks to focus on daily to grow your biz.

confidently share your message & own your story; you didn't go through all of that for nothing!

Become unapologetic about charging for youR unique gifts & create clients without feeling "sales-y".

overcome visibility fear and imposter syndrome and step into the shoes of the leader you're meant to be.

A 4 mo. group coaching program for coaches who are ready to master sales, organic marketing & their CEO mindset for a thriving online coaching business.

Six figure foundations

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Next to losing my dad at 24 and the massive surgery I went through on my 30th birthday, I don't know that I've ever experienced such a complex and layered amount of pain as I did when I (temporarily) gave up on my dream for a high-paying J.O.B. back in advertising. After failing in my first year of business in 2014, I packed it all in for the "security", the health benefits plan and the promise of monthly International travel that never happened.

Handing over my dream was physical, mental and spiritual pain all weaved together like Jenga. I was keeping it together on the surface, but on the inside I was just one faulty move away from everything crumbling. I thought maybe coaching wasn't for me, and that I'd have to become someone I'm not in order to succeed in this business. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

What I needed to become was more me.

Not only was I finally able to transition into health coaching full-time in May 2015, I was finding my voice in the industry and working with the women I was meant to help. Over the next year I began mentoring other health coaches along-side my health coaching practice to find their voice and develop their premium signature programs, too. 

Over the last 4 years I’ve gone on to mentor 100+ coaches in various industries to launch and scale their businesses, while I’ve continued my studies in all things healing and personal development. I also got certified as Trainer of NLP and have travelled the world both attending and hosting events and retreats. (Turns out I didn't need that J.O.B. to fly me places! Byeeee.)

I get it. It's scary! And it certainly doesn't happen overnight. I was initially terrified to put myself out there, too. But I allowed myself the opportunity to be a beginner, and I realized it was possible to do it my own way and succeed.

Was it all worth it? Hell yes. 

Will I continue digging deeper and going further on this journey? You bet.

if you're feeling called to become a coach, it's because you have important work to do in this world.

My guess is that over the last few months (if not years) you've gone into analysis paralysis and repeatedly hit pause on your marketing efforts. Or perhaps you've been trying every tactic under the sun to find clients, except that all you're really finding is yourself in more overwhelm. Both are what I call "delay-ment" (it's a word!) tactics designed to keep you from stepping in to your power as a coach.

Or maybe you've recently experienced your dark night of the soul and are hearing the call for the first time.

If you're nodding to any of the above, here's the good news.

I've been there and not only have made it to the other side with the battle scars to prove it, I've built a roadmap for you to help you have a less painful and expensive journey than I've had.

the world is re-opening and you can feel it in your bones. it's go time. 

you can't ignore the calling any longer...

Mapping out your game plan for $5K+ months and laying the foundations to scale to six figures (when you’re ready)

Creating your non-negotiable habits and mindset practices to go from “Hobby Coach” to Six-Figure CEO

Mastering your message and determining which storylines for your own transformation journey connect to your ideal client

Conducting target market interviews and defining the high priority problem you can help your ideal client solve right meow 


The Critical Business Foundations for Sustainable Success (That most coaches skip.)

Refining your high value offers(s) to solve a high priority problem that your ideal client needs right now and can’t say no to.

Developing a simple sales gage (even without a website!) to pre-qualify your leads before hopping on a call.

Beta testing your offers with paying clients before you build out any program content (<-- Efficiency secret. You’re welcome!)

How to call in highly-motivated clients who are ready to do the work, get amazing results and keep coming back to go further

Creating High Value Offers that Actually Sell & Calling in Highly Motivated Clients

moNTH 2

Developing (or refining) a lead magnet that will have your ideal client saying “I can’t believe she gave this away for free!”

Organic marketing strategies to grow your email list without FB ads and how to continually nurture it for optimal open rates

Breaking through the visibility fears so you can show up confidently & authentically on video to connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level

Launching or growing an engaged FB group and how to run successful challenges and multi-day trainings inside it

Growing (+Nurturing!) An Email List & Social Media Following


It's time to serious about your business numbers! We'll talk revenue vs. income and the most important #s to track for sustainable success.

We'll plan your signature talk to use for webinars, workshops (in person and online) or guest expert trainings.

Live guest expert training PR Expert, Lauren Salaun. She'll be teaching you how to pitch yourself to a podcast and how to write a speaker pitch page!

Going Pro & Stepping Into Your Expert Status.

moNTH 4


Learn how to sign your first (or next!) client on Instagram with with International Brand Photographer, Brodie Pierson.

Learn how to get out of procrastination so you can get more done in less time with Productivity Expert, Jo Bendle.

Learn how create content that can be re-purposed across all platforms with Brand & Marketing Strategist, Nargis Cross.

Learn how to protect your coaching business legally with Lawyer for Women Entrepreneurs, Layne Lyons.

Get immediate access to my archive of guest expert trainings from my previous high-level mastermind programs.


next module overview >

inside the program, you'll find...

let's do this!

This training can be implemented at any stage in your business to drastically improve your 1:1 client enrolment process.

Video training module to walk you through the exact process I've used to sell over $500K in 1:1 coaching.

My tried-and-true discovery call guide so you're never stuck on what to say or ask next! Plus, scripts to handle the common objections on sales calls.

Sample client agreements, onboarding email templates, welcome packets and pre/post session forms.

Tech tutorial for my favourite client management platforms so you can start onboarding your clients with ease.

this bonus course includes:

PLUS! You'll get early access to my sales & client onboarding mini course.

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Learn the foundations that I've not only taught to 100+ clients but have personally mastered having sustained a fully-booked 6 figure business for over 4 years.

a sustainable online coaching business starts here.

- Stephanie Long, Business Coach for Nutritionists 

After only 4 weeks into the program, I had confidently defined a vision for my new business, put together my packages/prices and new offerings, and even booked my first 1:1 client (without a sales page no less!). It has been an experience of growth beyond my expectations!

"I was almost ready to throw in the towel until Cara's program popped into my life."

- Courtney Boyer, Therapist & Relationship Coach

Before the mastermind, I was totally treating my business like a hobby. I had a lot of knowledge about being a great coach, but zero on how to create a successful business. Cara truly wants to see her clients succeed. I have really enjoyed working with Cara and my only regret is that I wish I had found her sooner!

"cara has created an easy to understand step-by-step process of how to launch an online business."

- Kimberly Letona, Success Coach

My business has gone from an expensive and time-consuming hobby to a real money-making coaching business since I started working with Cara. Not only has Cara supported me in growing my online business, she's also taught me valuable skills like connecting authentically with potential clients, tracking my business metrics & showing up consistently.

"i've made $8500 so far during the covid-19 pandemic!"

 I would 100% not have the business I have today if it weren't for community. I've personally been enrolled in a mastermind at every stage of my business over the last 5+ years to stay in community and make friends who "get it" and can support and help me celebrate the wins and learnings on the journey.


You will have access to 12 group coaching calls with Cara to get the coaching and accountability needed to keep you focused on those money-making activities. Two call times will be available 3 Thursdays every month to accommodate North America, Europe & Australia timezones. You'll also receive 4 group coaching calls with our Copy Consultant, Nicole.


You will receive access to 15+ modules including video trainings, tutorials & plug 'n play templates. Modules will be dripped weekly, but you can implement the pieces into your business when it makes sense for you. There is no "behind" in this program!


my mission is to help you build solid business foundations while focusing on money-making activities first.

what six figure foundations is about:

- Ana Sanson., Mindset Coach

Cara lovingly and effectively guided me beyond my limiting beliefs, helped push me beyond my comfort zones, and gave me all the information and tools I needed to build my business on a solid foundation (step by step) and to grow it for the long haul.


- Nicole Herring, Photographer & Copy Consultant

Since joining Cara's mastermind, I grew my confidence to work with 6 new photography clients, pivot my offer mid social distancing, get hired for 4 new projects (plus one new client), and continue to grow my business helping others in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

"I believe masterminds are the key to launching because of the diverse perspective and input you can get from others."

- Tiffany Sly, Real Estate Coach

I found Cara exactly when I needed her. I had just made the decision to launch my coaching business and had no idea how to put the pieces together. With Cara’s help, I was able to zero in on my target market, nail down my sales copy and product pricing, and roll out my launch process


Leaders in any industry ready to launch a coaching and/or mentoring business to replace their full-time income.

Stylists, photographers, copywriters and other creatives looking to launch a coaching and/or mentoring arm to their existing business.

Experienced nutritionists, healers, therapists, hypnotherapists and doctors looking to take their in-person practice online.

Online health, life, relationship, career, business & mindset coaches who have not yet hit their stride with $5K+ months.

who is this for?

— Jordan duvall, ignite your soul brand

"AFTER JUST 1 YEAR IN BUSINESS I NOW HAVE REGULAR 5 FIGURE MONTHS! I'm regularly booked with private clients (who come to me!) because of the support, guidance and process that Cara led me through."

I've gone from selling $47 detoxes (to anyone who would work with me) to sustaining a fully-booked six-figure coaching business for over 4 years, while travelling the world.

My clients are health, life, relationship and business coaches across the globe. I’ve also helped doctors, therapists, real estate coaches, photographers, VAs, brand strategists (and even a few stylists!) build their businesses too.

From getting on video for the first time, launching their signature programs, signing their very first paying clients to creating $5K, $10K and even $35K months -- nothing makes me happier than to support someone to step into the shoes of the leader they're mean to be.

a business coach for NEW + early-stage coaches ready to build a money-making business online

hey there, I'm cara!

When do the live coaching calls happen?

Group coaching calls will be held weekly on Thursdays at 12pm EST. A second call time may be added to accommodate different time zones. Book a call if you would like about this and discuss options :)

Can you guarantee results with sFF?

As with anything, I can't guarantee specific results. Your success comes down to your willingness to show up, do the work, ask Qs, try things and fail, get back up, try again and be willing to take bold, scary and messy action.

how long do I have access to the course for?

You'll have lifelong access to the program content as long as your payments are in good standing. 
As a founding member of SFF you'll also receive complimentary program updates + upgrades as they are added.

What happens after I hit the buy button for SFF?

Once registered, you'll receive a welcome email with your membership login info to access your orientation trainings, as well as a link to join the private Facebook group when it opens on June 15th.

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

Ask yourself if you're over having an expensive hobby. Also ask yourself if you could (at the very least) make your investment back within 6 months after implementing everything you've learned. I suspect you'll 10X it!

how long are the doors open to join?

Early bird pricing ends Friday, June 12th. We are getting the party started on Monday, June 15th and our first call will be Thursday, June 18th. The sooner you join, the sooner you can get started in Orientation!

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

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Let's go! I'm ready to go from "hobby Coach" to MONEY-MAKING CEO.

"I landed my first client within 4 days of launching my coaching business!"

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Cara while one day scrolling on Instagram. I immediately scheduled a discovery call as I saw the mastermind was starting in 3 days, knowing that if I didn’t take action now my dreams of starting and growing my coaching business would be put on hold and I just couldn’t bear that thought any longer.

Joining Cara's mastermind was the best investment I could have made for both me and my business. With the orientation training she provided, I dived in and completely restructured my ideas and business within 3 weeks. I landed my first client within 4 days of launching my coaching business!

Cara constantly goes above and beyond to support me and my business. Her insights are invaluable and the questions she asks from week to week really getting me thinking about my ideas, vision, and next steps. Each week I am left feeling completely empowered and inspired to take consistent action towards my goals.

I can’t thank Cara enough for just being her wonderful self, she has been and continues to be an incredible coach and mentor!

Lauren Tamayo, NLP & Mindset Coach

Lauren Tamayo

"Last month I closed the month out at well over $8k and I’d never seen that level of monthly income in all 15 years of working as an adult."

I own a style consultancy and B.C. (before Cara) I was spinning my wheels not moving an inch. I spent years building a foundation and working with so many clients but couldn’t seem to make ends meet. I had built a great baby business but 4 years in, in my gut I felt there was something I should be doing but had NO IDEA what that was or how to change this pattern. I’m very skeptical by nature and never thought I’d need a coach.

Since day 1, Cara has provided me with an outline of what actions to take in my business to live my dream. Within maybe the first 2 sessions, I’d already booked 2 clients bringing in $5K alone which before Cara would have taken me 6 months to achieve. 

B.C. I would work with almost any client to make ends meet and they never really did! Working with Cara and following her systems (from building a daily routine to how to create a company that allows me the financial freedom I deserve) is helping me be more selective with my clients and giving me the time to work on my business without the added stress of ‘money’.

Allie Brandwein, Stylist

Allie brandwein

"To anyone who's looking for that kick-in-the-butt to get their business launched, I couldn't recommend Cara more!"

It is absolutely crazy when I look back at where I was in my business and life a mere 4 months ago before joining the mastermind. I was halfway through my nutrition certification and horribly nervous about starting my own business. After connecting with Cara, I knew I had nothing to worry about.

We worked together to get clear on my big vision, my goals, and the "why" behind what I wanted to build. With that clarity and motivation, it was full-steam ahead, and I truly haven't looked back since! In four months I've been able to attract 2 dream clients, set up business collaborations, build out multiple coaching programs, and approach entirely new business ventures like starting corporate wellness initiatives!

Cara has been so amazing and supportive every single step of the way and has helped me to focus in on exactly who I want to attract, how I can create new clients and revenue sources, and what actually matters for me to focus on while building and scaling my business. I absolutely love her no-B.S. approach to overcoming mindset blocks and personal hold-ups, and always walk away from our calls feeling motivated, clear, and truly inspired to put my best possible work out into the world.

Paige Weber, Transformational Nutrition Coach

Paige Weber

"Within the first 6 weeks of working with Cara, I had my first $10K month and I’ve gone on to create multiple 5 figure months."

I felt intrinsically connected with Cara on an emotional level. I felt like she understood where I was coming from and allowed me to envision a future that was a better balance for me and my family life and would allow me to grow financially and occupationally.

Before working with Cara, I was overwhelmed, I had far too many clients, and there was a horrendous work-life balance. Within the first 6 weeks of working together I had my first $10K month, then a $15K month, and I’ve gone on to create multiple 5 figure months.

I’ve raised all my prices and decreased the amount of clients I’m working with but the level of service I’m providing is far superior than anything I was able to create before. If I had not invested in myself by working with Cara, I wouldn’t have the success I have today and nor would I have better work-life balance. I felt incredibly supported and she was as personally invested in my success as I was. I feel much more content personally and professionally and I'm incredibly grateful. 

Cynthia Thurlow, Nurse Practitioner & Nutritionist

Cynthia Thurlow


When I first started working with Cara I didn't have a business nor did I really think it was possible for me to create a business that allowed me to operate from my zone of genius. Together we did a deep dive to figure out what I truly loved and how I could actually structure that into a profitable business, and Ignite Your Soul Brand was born.  
Over the 12 months we worked together I created webinars, appeared on a summit and was regularly featured on podcasts. My Ignite Your Brand Vision group program sold out in 10 days and is filled with my dream clients. After just 1 year in business I now have regular 5 figure months! I'm regularly booked with private clients WHO COME TO ME because of the support, guidance and signature success formula process that Cara led me through.

I feel blessed to be able to have a business I love and be able to step into my true calling. If you're considering working with Cara I say take the plunge. The success that you desire but can't see will become your new reality. If you're serious about your dream then Cara is your coach.

Jordan Duvall, Brand Strategist 

jordan duvall

"Within the first month of working together I booked my first client into my 90-day signature program."

Before working with Cara, I believed I could do it all on my own. I’m organized, motivated, smart and hard-working. I’ve been successful in many areas of my life, so why should business be any different, right? Yet something wasn’t working. I wasn’t expecting overnight success, but it was a heck of a lot slower than I thought it would be. I started to wonder if I was spending my time and energy in the right places. Finally, I decided to really commit and invest in my business and started working with Cara. 
Cara consistently helps me to realize what I am really capable of. She doesn’t let me hide. And the result is that, for the first time, I am consistently getting in front of my ideal client. Cara has also supported me in overcoming some deep-seated mental roadblocks around money and recognize the true value of my work.

Within the first month of working together I booked my first client into my 90-day signature program—and I’m already getting ready to raise my rates with confidence!  I am grateful to Cara — her support has been invaluable. I now believe 100% in the value of having a coach and would recommend it to every entrepreneur ready to take her business to the next level!

Vanessa Sorenson, Holistic Nutritionist

Vanessa Sorenson


Before working with Cara I felt like I had shiny object syndrome. I wanted to do all.the.things. which is great, but can also lead to unclear messaging and burnout. She has helped me get crystal clear on my offers and mold them around my ideal business. She has also taught me how to feel more connected to the women I serve even though much of my coaching is done online.

She has helped me push through my limiting beliefs about myself and my business which has ultimately helped me regularly fill my group coaching program at or above my goal number! I am consistently producing $15k launches and GROWING. The most valuable part about working with Cara is that she doesn't try to put me in a box or have me "do it like everyone else".

After working with Cara I now feel like "it's all happening" vs. "what if this doesn't work". I also have confidence about the future of my business. I have a better understanding of how things can/will unfold in time as I evolve as a woman and business owner. If you are going at it alone, DON'T.

Lindsay Bush, Fitness & Mindset Coach

Lindsay Bush

CopyrighT® 2020 cara rice interNationaL | Photography by NARgis Cross